About us

We are Unrivaled Records, A new Music Label based in Las Vegas, New Mexico which focuses on independent music talent. We pride ourselves on identifying artist potential and working with the artists to achieve their full music career potential. Our main aim is to assist creatives with what they need to develop their passion of music writing, producing & recording.

Unrivaled Records serves as an artist-friendly music label, with the goal of helping talented artists break into the music industry. We are able to do this because our staff has experience with every part of the music industry. From songwriting and production to distribution and marketing, we can help you take your music all the way to radio stations. Unrivaled Records prides itself on eliminating most labels’ trademarks problems by doing most functions in house rather than outsourcing them. Our artists retain 100% ownership of their work and rights while we handle things like PR, web design and maintenance, photography and videography, gig and tour support.

Distribution & Playlisting

Unrivaled Records is the new face in the music industry. We have helped numerous artists with their vision and given them a record deal they won’t forget. Whether you need radio play, a hit single, or just some help getting your music out into the world we can help. And most importantly we believe that everyone has what it takes to be something great!

We can distribute your music to any and all music streaming services or social media platforms. Also we can distribute your music video to VEVO. 

Artist Development

Unrivaled Records is a label that focuses on artist development, brand management and audience identification. We help develop an artist’s brand and manage their career by using various marketing strategies to help grow their respective careers. Our primary goals are to focus the goals and aspirations of our clients into a realistic strategy based on facts rather than fame or fortune based dreams that often lead to disappointment after one album. Our primary objective is longevity with our artists, because we have been there from the beginning.

Unrivaled Records was set up as a way to give new and upcoming artists the better chance to be discovered. Each one of its artists has their unique sound with versatility in each genre, using talents such as singing, song writing, rapping along with tuning other skills. Each artist strives to deliver music that will have you listening on repeat.


We have publicists and blog writers who are always happy to interview our artists for their music sites as well as create awesome press releases for our artists. We have tired and true two week release and thirty day release roll out plans for our artists to really engage with their fans and get the most out of their releases. We’re not above getting hands on working with our artists on coming up with the ideal release schedule.

Designs that transcend seasonal trends.

We were tired of hearing artists complain about stiff competition and the lack of options for them to create their own merchandise. We want to offer our artist more than what they can get on their own. We want to make sure our label doesn’t force them into doing it themselves, but instead help guide them along the way. We help our artists create their merchandise. We have a team of graphic designers to help bring our artists vision to life. We offer everything from apparel to housewares and everything in between.


The main purpose of Unrivaled Records is to provide a platform for the up and coming artist. We help develop the musical careers of our artists, create a culture where quality music will be appreciated rather than its number of downloads or spins. The average life span of artists signed by labels is very small, even if they are given an opportunity by their mentors – there simply isn’t anything there to give new artists an advantage over hyped acts/artists.

Today it’s not even enough for an artist to just be an artist anymore. Thankfully there are labels that understand this and see that moving away from such tunnel vision has allowed them to sign both multi-talented super stars as well as underground “underdogs.”

Unrivaled Records is all about giving new artists a chance. Unlike today’s mainstream music label field we’re not about money we’re dedicated to building an important foundation for the future of hip hop culture, punk rock and soul. We encourage bands and artists to make their “perfect” album without unnecessary outside influence or pressures of labels who only want money.

Unrivaled Records share every source used; all income goes only to the artists not some shady record label or producer. We help you maximize your profit by switching from old school album sales to digital downloads like singles, eps, bundles etc…For all this we charge a 10% fee.

Unrivaled Records is a music production & entertainment company. They function as a record label, film studio, merchandise agency, music publisher, and songwriter group. While major labels are known for being profit driven companies that only care about the bottom line. UnRivaled Records was founded on the principles of true passion to create timeless music at an affordable cost. They also work with other unsigned artists to provide them with professional quality videos, album artwork and web design services at an unbeatable low package price; making access to these services affordable for any artist who is serious about taking their career seriously.

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